Which keyboard shortcuts can I use with an external hardware keyboard?

Here you can find a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use when you connect a wireless bluetooth keyboard or a keyboard dock to your iPad. These shortcuts work in all iOS apps.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts supported by iOS / iPad:

    •    Cmd+A - Select All
    •    Cmd+C - Copy
    •    Cmd+X - Cut
    •    Cmd+V - Paste
    •    Cmd+Z - Undo
    •    Cmd+Shift+Z - Redo
    •    Shift+Arrow - Select text
    •    Cmd+Up/Down - Move cursor to the beginning/end of the file
    •    Cmd+Left/Right - Move cursor to beginning/end of the current line
    •    Alt+Left/Right - Move cursor to the previous/next word
    •    Esc - Bring up virtual on-screen keyboard
    •    Alt-Delete - Delete the word to the left of the cursor
    •    Cmd-Delete - Delete everything on the current line to the left of the cursor

iOS also supports these Emacs keybindings:

    •    Ctrl-A - Move cursor to the beginning of the line
    •    Ctrl-E - Move cursor to the end of the line
    •    Ctrl-F - Move cursor forward one character
    •    Ctrl-B - Move cursor backward one character
    •    Ctrl-K - Kill/delete text between cursor and the end of the line
    •    Ctrl-H - Delete one character to the left

Note: Unfortunately, these shortcuts are entirely provided by the iOS operating system and there's no way for third party developers to extend them with custom shortcuts.

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