How can I add my own syntax definitions, themes and templates?

Textastic allows you to add your own custom syntax definitions and themes. You can add TextMate-compatible .tmbundle packages and .tmTheme files. You can also add custom file templates that appear in the file creation screen.

Add Folder

Go to the local files root folder. Tap on the "+" button.

Enter Folder Name

Choose "Folder" and enter "#Textastic" as the Folder Name. Tap "Done".

Check folder icon

Make sure the newly created folder has a special icon as seen in the screenshot. The name of the folder is case sensitive.

Copy custom syntax definitions and themes

Copy your .tmbundle TextMate bundles and .tmTheme themes into the newly created directory.

Restart the app

The new files are loaded on application startup. Please restart the app for changes to take effect.

To do this, bring up the task switcher by tapping on the home button twice. Swipe up Textastic to quit the app.

After you start the app, the new syntax definitions can be chosen in the File Properties popover. You can select added themes in the settings screen.

Adding custom templates

Starting with Textastic 4.0, you can also add your own templates that you can select in the file creation dialog.

You can find a detailed description and example files at

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