How do I access files in my Dropbox account?

Learn how to access your Dropbox account.

Open the File Transfer screen

Tap on the File Transfer button in the Files section to open the File Transfer screen.

Add a Dropbox Connection

Tap on the + button (1) and choose Dropbox Connection (2) to add a new Dropbox connection.

Configure the Connection

You can add a custom title that will appear in the connection list (especially useful if you want to connect to several different Dropbox accounts).

Tap on Link Account.

Enter Dropbox credentials

If you have the Dropbox app installed, it will be opened and allow you to link your Dropbox account to this connection.

If you don't have the Dropbox installed, enter the Email and Password for your Dropbox account and tap on the Sign in button (3) to link your Dropbox account to this connection.

Finish Configuration

The Dropbox Connection is now linked to your Dropbox account. Tap on the Done button.


You can now tap on the newly created connection to connect to your Dropbox account.

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