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Textastic for Mac is the perfect
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iOS code editor.

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With support for more than 80 source code and markup languages, Textastic brings the powerful syntax coloring engine of the iOS source code editor to the Mac. Of course you can use your own TextMate-compatible syntax definitions.


Textastic for Mac is based on a newly developed variant of the custom code editor that powers the iOS apps. It uses native Mac OS X APIs like Core Text for maximum speed.


Code completion, file navigation with the symbol list and support for modern Mac features like Auto Save and Versions make your life easier.


With iCloud's Documents in the Cloud, you can sync your files across your range of Mac hardware with ease.

What Others Say

“The app packs in support for 80 source code and markup languages, iCloud auto-save and OS X’s Versions. Built with the ability to import syntax definitions, themes and templates from TextMate, moving to this text editor should be pretty seamless for many users.”
- Stephen Hackett, Tools and Toys
“Textastic rivals the amazing plain text code editor TextMate for a tiny fraction of the price.”
- Adam Dachis, Lifehacker
“A promising new code editor for the Mac, Textastic brings speed and a cheap price tag to an acclaimed iOS code editor that's brand new to the Mac. ”
- Matthew Guay, AppStorm Mac

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