File Properties

Tap the File Properties button (“document” icon) to view the file properties.

File properties

Tap the Filename to rename the file.

The Links to Remote Connections section shows all remote connections and file paths from where the file was downloaded or to which it was uploaded to. Have a look at Quickly Uploading and Downloading Files for more information.

The File Attributes section shows the file’s location, size and the date it was last modified.

In the Text Properties section, you can see the current text encoding, line endings, and syntax definition. Tap one of these three settings to change it.

The newly selected encoding and line ending will be used the next time the file is (auto-)saved. If instead you want to open a file with a different encoding, please have a look at Opening a File with a Different Character Encoding.

In the last section, you’ll find some statistics about the file: line count, character count, and word count.