Git Client Working Copy

Textastic works great with the Git client Working Copy. Git Repositories you clone in Working Copy can be opened as external folders in Textastic.

External folders behave just like regular local folders in Textastic and can even be used in the File Transfer screen to upload and download files using the built-in remote connections.

Changes you make to external folders are automatically reflected in the source app. So for example, if you edit a file in a repository opened as an external folder, the file status will automatically switch to “modified” in Working Copy.

Use Drag and Drop on iPad to Open a Repository

On iPad, drag a repository from Working Copy into the locations screen of Textastic to open it as an external folder:

Drag & Drop repository in Split View

You can either do this in Split View as shown above or by starting a drag in Working Copy, using the Dock or app switcher to switch to Textastic, and drop it into the locations screen.


For this to work, Working Copy must be added as a location in the Files app.

Please also have a look at this YouTube video for a more detailed example:

You can read more about Multitasking on iPad, Split View and Drag and Drop in this Apple support article.

Use the Document Picker on iPhone to Open a Repository

Drag and Drop between apps works on iPad only. On iPhone, you can use the Open… command and the Select button to open an external folder as described at Opening Folders.