Moving, Copying, and Renaming Files and Folders

The Edit button above file lists allows you to move, copy, and rename local files and folders. Tap on the button to switch to edit mode:

Edit button

You can select files and folders by tapping on them.

Select Files

Using the buttons on the bottom you can then Delete, Move and Zip the selected files and folders. Those buttons become active as soon as at least one file is selected.

Moving Files

If you tap on the Move button, Textastic will bring up a list of your folders. Choose the folder where you want to move the selected files or folders.

Move file

You can expand folders by tapping on them.

Once the target folder is selected, tap on the Move button in the lower right corner.

Renaming and Copying Files

Tapping on the button on the right side of each item (circled pencil), you can Rename and Copy the file or folder.

Rename and copy file

After you choose to copy or rename a file or folder, Textastic will ask you for a new name.

Rename file