External Keyboard Shortcuts

Here you can find a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use when you connect an external keyboard to your iPad or iPhone.

On iPad, you can press and hold Cmd to see a list of shortcuts supported in the current state of the app:

Keyboard shortcuts overlay

Keyboard Shortcuts Supported by iOS

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Cmd-A Select All
Cmd-C Copy
Cmd-X Cut
Cmd-V Paste
Cmd-Z Undo
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo
Shift-Arrow Keys Select text
Cmd-Up/Down Move cursor to the beginning/end of the file
Cmd-Left/Right Move cursor to beginning/end of the current line
Alt-Left/Right Move cursor to the previous/next word
Esc or Eject Bring up virtual on-screen keyboard
Alt-Delete Delete the word to the left of the cursor
Cmd-Delete Delete everything on the current line to the left of the cursor

Textastic’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Cmd-N Create new file/folder
Cmd-E Edit currently open file
Cmd-F Toggle find/replace
Cmd-W Close tab
Cmd-S Save file
Cmd-O Open… (invoke iOS document picker)
Alt-Cmd-B Toggle sidebar
Alt-Cmd-P Toggle preview
Alt-Cmd-I Toggle file properties popover
Alt-Cmd-T Toggle symbol list popover
Alt-Cmd-Up Upload current file
Alt-Cmd-Down Download current file
Tab Indent selected text
Shift-Tab Unindent selected text
Ctrl-Tab Select next tab
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Select previous tab
Cmd-[ Shift left
Cmd-] Shift right
Ctrl-E Expand Emmet abbreviation
Ctrl-A Wrap with Emmet abbreviation
Cmd-I Toggle italics (works in Markdown and HTML files)
Cmd-B Toggle boldface (works in Markdown and HTML files)
Cmd-U Toggle underline (works in HTML files)
Esc, Cmd-., Cmd-W Close dialog/popover
Arrow Keys Navigate in the list of files, search results, and in the symbol list

Emacs Key Bindings supported by iOS

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl-A Move cursor to the beginning of the line
Ctrl-E Move cursor to the end of the line
Ctrl-F Move cursor forward one character
Ctrl-B Move cursor backward one character
Ctrl-K Kill/delete text between cursor and the end of the line
Ctrl-H Delete one character to the left